Skin beauty products for puberty from the rice washing water and cinnamon oil



Group of creator: Nguyen Ngoc Hung, Dang Thi My Hang

Instructors: Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh

Unit: Duy Tan High School, Hue City

1 The initiative:

It is said that “Shape first, then skin”. With us, who are in puberty age, possessing a healthy, beautiful skin help us more confident in communication and studying. However, in our age, we have to face with oily skin and  acne problems which are more or less depending on our physical body. On the other hand, due to a lack of understanding of skin care, many of us make mistakes which lead to skin lesion, even more severe condition as infection or scarring.  In daily living activities, other factors like climate, weather, environment, cosmetics or stress will make acne develops rapidly and becomes more aggravated.

As we know, currently on the market, there are many skin care products which are expensive and variety. And there is a big gap between advertising and real effect. It is truly difficult to us to choose appropriate products and we also do not have much money to buy. Thus, having a beautiful skin is a really difficult issue and far away for us. That’s why “skin beauty products for puberty from rice water  and cinnamon oils’ is created.

2 The production materials and equipments: Rice, cinnamon bark, dry Bowl, Cress and kitchen, product packaging bottle

– Analysis results of the product components

Products has been analyzed with chromatography in Thua Thien Hue Health Department, Center for drug, cosmetic, and food testing – 17 Truong Dinh, Hue city.

The novelty of the product:

– This study hasn’t been done anywhere all over the world as well as in Vietnam.

– The study has not been overlaped with others which have been published in any information sources.

The creativity of the product

– The product may be applied to puberty to have a bright, smooth and anti-acne skin.

– The product is not only to prevent the adverse consequences caused by using other products that have been sold on the market today, but also to contribute to make use of natural unirritated and cheap materials.

– The product is practical. It can contribute to environmental protection and can be applied in real life.

Applicability of the product.

– The product has been tested and applied in practice in Duy Tan high school, Hue City, in November 2015.

– Initial cost is not high.

– Puberty people will have a beautiful skin when using “FACIAL HOME-MADE CREAM WITH CINNAMON AND RICE”.

– Make use of natural resources, that is the rice washing water

– The other students can make up the product from the available source of material in each family.

– The product may be applied to puberty to have a bright, smooth and anti-acne skin.