Purifying sea water into fresh water based on the stomata of the leaves



Group of creator: Le Van Thanh, Phan An

Instructors: Hoang Thi Ngoc Tuyet

Unit: Nguyen Hue high school, Hue City

The idea:

In summers, the amount of fresh water used for coastal residents and soldiers or off-shore fishing boats in remote island is very scarce; the price of fresh water is much expensive from 10 to 12 times. While in these places, there is a very abundant seawater source. With that reality, we arise the idea that why do not we turn sea water into fresh water to serve human life?


-Equipments to turn sea water into fresh water is composed of two parts:

Part 1: Sea water tank.

Part 2: Purifying water tank (perforated for drainage to handle waste and salt).

-The two tanks are connected by 1 pipe (based on the circulation rule).

-For the purifying water tank (hot has 1,900), in the bottom of the tank, PVC cylinder pipes are installed the with 27 mm in diameter. The remaining surfaces are built with glass, the two sides are glass has with small holes drilled.

-On the top of the system, a glass plate is set up tilted with the deflection of 135 degree. In the tilt glass, a pipeline for pure water is installed Two side of the glass plate are the two water troughs that lead the water down to the main chute, in this trough a water collector is installed.

The principle of operation:

Pour sea water into the tank, the water here is lead to purifying tank by a pipe, the water level in two tanks are similar (base on circulation principle), under the the heat of the sun shining down, the process of evaporation occurs, and with the tilt angle α of the glass, it will condense and slide down the chute under the tilt glass. Follow the pipeline, we receive fresh water.

4 New properties:

The speed of evaporation occurs more quickly, in one unit of time, a large number of water will be obtained to serve  households in coastal area in the dry season. All households in Islands and fishermen in the sea are applied.

Cheap, simple and environmental-friendly materials which consistent with the living standard of households are used.

5 Creativity:

Using stomata pattern, surface tension of the water and especially using only the available energy-the Sun.

6 Applicability of the product:

– It is possible to apply to all the households in coastal areas, Islands and off-shore fishing boats; for serving coastal residents and soldiers who are on duty in the remote islands.

-It is possible to combine with the systems of the previous study in order to increase the efficiency of the process of acquisition of pure water.

-Our model has been tested at home and obtained a certain number of results.



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