Second Prize: smart bracelet for the elderly



Group creator: Le Minh Hoang Le Nguyen, Nguyen Huy

Instructors: Phan Bá Minh

Unit: Nguyen Truong To High School, Hue City

The idea of the study:

Every day on newspapers and mass media, news on lost people are regularly reported. And the main object mentioned is no one other than the elderly. Thus, a question is raised: There are so many machines launched to be served for people daily activities but why are the widgets to protect or help the elderly limited and almost very little? This is also one of the reasons that our Group of students decided to research and present this study “Smart bracelets for older people”.

2 The benefits of the bracelet if being made:

– When the older people go somewhere, they encounter difficulties and even dangers, we need to be right there to help them.

– When the elderly people are out on the street along with the bracelet, if they feel approaching a danger case, they will press the button on the bracelet, then it will automatically send the coordinates to a phone number that has been installed in it.

3 How to proceed:

– Composition: including 2 main parts:

+ Simcom 900: this sim card will send the coordinates where the person is when it is activated. We will know the place then being able to help timely

+ Atmega32u4 Chips: the chip is used for controlling the simcom and makes it send the coordinates to us.

-How to make the bracelet: Include the following steps:

– Drawing by Protues software

– Print out the paper, and then move through copper tool

– Soaking the copper tool in FeCl3 fluid

– Welding onto the copper tool

– Writing processing program then load it into micro-processing



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