Prevent drunk driving system



Author: Tran Dang Khoa

Instructor: Mai Khac Dung

Unit: Phu Bai High School, Huong Thuy District


1 The initiative

This research aims to create a product that prevents drunk driving, especially on motorbikes by using available equipments to create a convenient device with many functions.

2 Formation:

The system consists of two parts:

– Helmet part: Includes sensors to detect alcohol or discover signs of sleep and a switch to find out that motorists wear the helmet or not. This circuit is adopted from the source of a backup battery. The circuit signals to motorbike part by a RF broadcasting device

– Motorbike part: Includes a wave receiver from the helmet. Wire that connects with lock, backlight and front light.

3. Principle of operation:

The sensors in the helmet will detect the signs of danger, then process and signal for motorbike part. After receiving all signals, this part perform the tasks that have been previously installed.

The main functions

Against drunk driving effectively

It is compulsory for the driver to wear the helmet when participating in traffic circulation.

Remote anti-theft function using satellite positioning

Anti-sleep system

Auto accident reporting to relatives

Voice instruction and music Add-ons

The journey camera records images when in traffic circulation

Light turning reminder and speed control

Observation support when driving



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