Automatic flood alarm in locality



Group of creator: Pham Quoc Dat, Hoang Xuan Bao, Le Thi Thu Huong

Instructor: Ho Tan Chu, Ha Phong

Unit: Dang Dung High school, Quang Dien District


The initiative:

Currently, the flood warning level in the local rivers is low, yet urgent, and not in a high alert. It does not help people to know when the flood come, and in which level high or low, especially at night, so that local people can actively prevent to reduce the harmful effects caused by flood. Thus, we built the study of “Flood alarm system in locality ‘ based on the principle of magnetic and radio wave (electromagnetic waves) system.

The novelty and creativity:

– Use magnet to design magnetic switch

– It is possible to use direct power source or reserved power source in case of electricity shut down through the transition of the magnetic switch.

– Each alarm level is designed to connect with the set of sound which included siren and warning sound respectively: “The current water level are at … , people and stations, please carry out suitable measures … to prevent” and it is possible to change the warning depending on the purpose of use.

– Use the timer to close the disconnect time in each alarm level to save reserved power to the place where there is no direct power or power outages.

– The most important part is the set of radio spreadout and receiver which is used for collecting the warning signals then spread them to other local station or people to take prevention measures timely.

3. Construction and operation:

Use a rectangular-shaped float which are fixed in a sliding slots in a frame as long as the water can make it float On the float, permanent magnet is equiped On the navigation frame, three handmade magnetic switches in accordance with three local flood alarm levels: alarm 1, alarm 2, alarm 3 are installed. When the water surges up, the float also surges along with the water and the float is sticked with a permanent magnet. In accordance with each alarm level, the permanent magnet in the float would attract and close the circuit of the switch in each level. At that moment, the timer will operate and thanks to this timer, the switch will automatically shut down respectively. At the same time, in the sound system, a FM radio signal  transceiver is equipped. This system will emit the radio frequency signals. In District stations, this signal transceiver will be equipped (which may be radio, phone or computer) to report to each local stations in towns or villages. Each local station is responsible for informing people to plan for prevention before the flood comes. At the same time, each people also can equip themselves 1 radio to aware of the flood situation.

The system can be maintained when power outages thanks to reserved power with the magnetic switches. This system is set up in parallel with the main power source, when the main power disconnects, the magnetic switch will then manually close the reserved power source to use. Used for the system when there is no main power or where the power source is not provided.

Efficiency-benefits of the solution:

– This system has been tested and has high effectiveness. It can be applied in a large range.

– The system is to enhance vigilance for people when flood occurs in order to gradually form the habit and consciousness within each person. Help people to minimize the consequences brough by flood and making them rest on flood season as well as minimizing the damage on human and property.

– The investment capital is not high. The inexpensive cost is suitable for local households

– Creating a secure system to warn quickly and conveniently using the radio transceiver signals even when the power goes out.

Applicability and replication of solution:

– The system is easy to be installed and used. The price is not too high. By adding the FM transceivers, we can know the current water level and warn people.

– The system can be equipped from watershed hydrology station to each station in locality. It also can be used for each household for water alarm at night to form a tight connection in prediction to avoid the flood.

– When the machine is obtained the radio signals, it also can turn into the Internet to connect quickly with other computers like the station’s servers

– Currently, in cellphones, we also have SOS calling function so we can replace this function to radio transceiver system to send directly to the server more quickly.

– In this information technology era, if we use the Internet, we need to have a Website to alarm the flood online, the received signals will be encrypted and give out  continuous parameters, so that we can inform people via multiple channels to help people to be more active in prevention.



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