The mission of detailed planning of the both banks of Huong river

To promote the values that contribute to the goal of urban sustainable development, urban heritage, urban ecology, Mr. Nguyen Van Cao, Chairman of People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue has approved the mission of detailed planning of the both banks of Huong river” in the Decision No. 1706 / QD-UBND dated on 01/9/2015.

Accordingly, the planning includes 15km length of Huong River from Vong Canh hill to Bao Vinh street with two banks width of 100m and an area of about 365ha. The area under the administrative management of Hue City, a part is belong to Huong Tra town and a part is belong to Phu Vang district. There are many parks, riverside buildings, some old villages, villages, streets, markets and floating islands … in this area.

This is the axis of diverse natural landscape, with historical system, culture, ancient villages, park area d and typical landscapes other river; Huong River which is seen as an important element in urban structure of Hue (heritage urban , ecological urban ); This is an important region for Hue city economy, culture, society, landscape and environment that needs to be renovated, upgraded…

The planning will analyze, study and evaluate the highlight values of the culture, history, landscapes, feng shui elements, environmental protection and commercial value of the Huong river; analyze, evaluate natural conditions, economic and social conditions; the current status of construction land; residential and labor status;…. The planning shall be based on the natural characteristics of Huong River and of the Hue ancient capital to apply for every area. The other issues should also be considered such as: land-use planning, disasters prevention planning, planning of environment, landscapes, infrastructure, etc.

This project will be implemented in 12months, Hue city’s People’s Committee is the project owner, the managemant agency is the KOICA Managemnt board , Thua Thien Hue Union of Science and Technology is the judgement unit, consultative units are Dohwa Engineering Co., ltd and Han-A Urban Research Institute from Korea.