Insecticide made from natural herbs

Author: Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Nhung

Unit: Nguyen Chi Thanh Upper Secondary School

The creator uses natural herbs to create a product that is both resistant against insects and friendly to the environment.

This product is condensed from a solution made from 04 materials including citronellabasincoleus and garlic that is also known as wax. The unique features of the product are its double effects: the formulating solution can be directly sprayed into the insects or the condensed wax can be used to prevent the insects. Over many experiments adding up or deducting the components of the solution, changing the weight of each component and comparing the status of each component, the creator has made a product preventing the insects with the ability to resist insects in the garden and houses.

The product will solve the concerns of people about the outburst of the insects. Furthermore, because the components of the product are natural herbs, that are popular and available at home, it delivers true reliability. Besides, its price is very cheap so it is feasible in real-life application.


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