Generator system by sea wave energy




Group of creator: Truong Thi Tin, Pham Chi Thanh, News, and Doan Trong Thanh

Instructor: Truong Viet Muon

Unit: Hoang Kim Hoan High School, Huong Tra Town

1 The initiative:

My hometown is in Hai Duong, which is a coastal area surrounded by sea waves. We go to the beach regularly and we noticed that the energy from waves is abundant and almost endless. Searching for alternative new, clean, stable energy is the urgent task at present.

With such purpose above, we decided to do this research with this title: “GENERATOR SYSTEM BY SEA WAVES ENERGY” to find a way to exploit the energy from sea waves

Operation of the system:

The wave-plate collects kinetic energy from the top of waves. The kinetic energy of waves will be transmitted to the structure of movement transformation to transform the reciprocating of kinetic energy into rotary motion of the 1st gear.

The 1st Gear will transmit the movement through the 2nd  gear, because the first gear has a larger radius than the 2nd, the 2 gear will rotate more rounds. The 2nd Gear will transmit the movement to the generator.

Fly-wheel connected with the 2nd gear will keep the generator rotate longer. Electricity from generator is inserted into the charging circuit for to charge battery. Electricity from the battery will be used to provide power for external load.

3. Novelty and creativity:

Exploiting The kinetic energy of waves and this way of exploit have not yet been found or published by any author or organization.

It helps people to see the need to protect environment and natural resources.

Power from sea waves energy which is considered an endless source is obtained.

The study can be applied to provide power for the remote islands like Spratly and Paracel islands of Vietnam, where national electricity is not yet to reach.

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