The contest 2019- Second Prize: The friendly trash bin

Responding to the movement “Green Sunday and joining hands to make Thua Thien Hue more green – clean – bright”, the author Nguyen Anh Thu and Nguyen Van Loi, students of class 9/1 of Phu Dien Secondary School, Phu Vang, Thua Thien Hue has successfully researched and created the “Friendly Trash.” This is a creative idea awarded the second prize in the 12th Provincial Youth and Children Creative Contest in 2019.

Friendly trash was used at the launching ceremony to respond to “Green Sunday” in Phu Dien commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien Hue province

Designing models and the operation principles of this trash: The garbage cans including the prevention of metal trash (compartment number 1) and other garbage compartments (compartment 2). Friendly trash using infrared sensors, metal sensors for sorting garbage. Using 17.5V DC solar battery to supply power for 12V DC battery, battery storage power to supply all electric circuits in the trash.

When operating, we only need to turn on the power switch button, all the circuits in the system operate. When the person who discarded the garbage approached 30cm, the trash gave a sound. When we hold the discarded metal in the other waste compartment (compartment 2), the sensor receives a metal signal, the door does not open and the operation of disposing of metal waste in the trash bin is not performed. The moment we move the metal waste and put it into the compartment 1, the metal sensor receives the signal, the door opens and the garbage is put in the bin. On the other hand, when a person holding other types of waste is put into compartment 1 – the metal compartment, the metal sensor that receives the garbage signal is not metal, window 1 does not open. This waste is placed in compartment 2, at this time the sensor receives the control circuit signal for opening the door, putting garbage in the bin. After the garbage person finishes removing the garbage properly, the trash bin will say “goodbye”. If the garbage compartment is full, the trash will signal the red light and the garbage is taken to the disposal site. From there the garbage is classified right at the source.

The project is highly appreciated for its novelty, creativity and wide applicability: applying the achievements of the 4.0 revolution into real life. Friendly trash bin has infrared sensors, metal sensors to sort garbage. Using solar batteries to supply energy to all electric circuits in the trash that they can operate through the torage batteries. When the bin is full, the infrared sensor receives a signal filled with RF signal that we have placed in the home or control center. The product is continuously improved and fully applicable in classrooms, school yard, canteen, as well as in family.

Initially, the Friendly Trash Bin has been being used at schools, localities and families and getting some positive results. When the product has been applied to classrooms, school yards, canteens, in families and in response to the “Green Sunday” movement, it not only promotes the function of garbage collection and classification but also contributes to improve student’s and household’s awareness on protecting the environment.

This is a topic that has the highly ability to apply in reality, bring good efficiency, contributing to protect the environment and building Hue more “green – clean – bright.”

                                                                                                                                        Author: Ho Thanh


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