Contest 2014 First Prize – Home wind power system

Home wind power system

Unit: Chu Van An Lower Secondary School, Hue city.

The wind rotates the wind sphere, (if the sphere is located on the top of the roof, it is also driven by the thermosiphon circulation generated by the difference between the pressure above and below the roof) thus rotates the spindle mounted to the propeller causing winds that help accelerate the evaporation of the wet clothes. Large gear is attached to the main spindle and rotates the small gear attached to the rotor shaft of the direct current generator (the rotational direction of the Dynamo should be noted); we will have direct current via the commutator. We can use this direct current through the 3-terminal switch to:

1/ Heat the thermistor placed above the clothes and below the propeller, now the wind flown into the clothes is hot that accelerate the evaporation more quickly.

2/ Be used for the battery recharge for the direct current devices. Upon recharging, attention should be paid to the terminals of the battery and the Dynamo. Install a diode lamp to prevent reverse current from burning the Dynamo when the wind is absent.

With large wind sphere and in windy areas (Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Tay Nguyen, Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, etc.), we can add another gear onto the spindle for application in tools with circular motions through another belt system, as such the spindle will be extended.


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